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✨LAUNCH - Bio Glitter✨

What is Bio Glitter?  ✔️Made from plant cellulose (that's stuff found in trees to you and me! 🌳)   ✔️Biodegradable ✔️Eco-friendly ✔️Compostable  ✔️Marine and waste water biodegradable 🐬 ✔️Cosmetically safe ✔️Feels softer on the skin vs. plastic based glitters ✔️Environmentally sourced, renewable raw ingredients to FSC® Standards ✔️Cruelty free You might be wondering why you should choose Dust & Dance Bio Glitter?  You've helped shape the sparkle - Thank you! 🙌It's been a little while in the making with lots of work and development based on your requests and feedback (thank you for all of the emails and messages!) to create the perfect chunky mixes which I know you will love.... Dust & Dance Bio Glitter mixes are the same shape and size composition as your favourite glitters from the...

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