The Dust & Dance Story

Dust & Dance was founded in 2015 by Claire. The story is in two parts.

part one of Dust & Dance founding story - the glitter

Part One is quite simple. In September 2015 Claire was off to one of London's last festivals of the season - Ceremony, part of the Found series in Finsbury Park. Keen to sparkle away all day she went on the hunt for some big glitter and found only one pot - at £5 for a gram it was pretty steep and there was no choice, just gold hexagons. Sure the gold hexagons were awesome, were remarked on & shared with many other festival go-ers, but was that really all the big glitter on the high street? She was sad at the lack of glitter - where will everyone get their glitter next summer? After doing some research she realised she could sell glitter at half the price of the gold hexagons. Amazing! With a background in PR & marketing and experience working for start-ups she was ready to start selling, but something was missing....which brings me on to Part Two....

Claire - Dust & Dance founder


Dust & Dance's mission is to encourage young people (mainly young women but hey, the lads love glitter too!) to embrace their differences, celebrate their youth and be confident to be themselves. 

Claire came up against some mental health issues as a young person in her teens and 20s and found it very difficult to get access to mental health services. 

Never one to fit quite fit into society's beige square holes she stopped trying to mould her life on others', as it was this in the main part that was the causing her anxiety. She left her job on a corporate marketing team and eventually found a new way of life which worked with, and not against, her tendency to be a bit bonkers.

Working on a part time basis for start-ups meant Claire met some incredible business owners and entrepreneurs who inspired her to finally start something she could call her own. Usually she would have a new business idea at least once a week, and started on several before giving up - either they weren't quite right, or she wasn't quite right, at the time. 

The idea for Dust & Dance came along at a time Claire had accepted her mental health issues made her who she is and was able to manage them (most of the time!) so they no longer controlled her life.

Continuing to work part time gave her days off to fill with her own passion whilst continuing to work with the people and brands that had inspired her. The time was right and for once the idea was right too. The name Dust & Dance came to Claire while she was walking. She liked it, her Mum liked it, so she went with it. 

These days I embrace the fact I am a bit bonkers, as it makes me me. It was my mental health issues that made me choose a less conventional career path, led to to meet some inspiring people and ultimately have landed me in the very exciting place where I have decided to start  Dust & Dance. We are proud to have partnered with YoungMinds who will receive 10% of the profits from each product sold.  It is my hope that Dust & Dance will help some more young people get their sparkle back!

So there you have it - Dust & Dance is born and we hope you, like us, are looking forward to part three..

Claire with glitter girl gang friends Gabby & Abi

Claire with best friends Gabby & Abi